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Trend: Top 5 Prints for Autumn/Winter

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Prints are taking over clothing, becoming increasingly sophisticated and original ... here are the five themes to follow for autumn / winter. firstly the baroque spirit has resurfaced; tapestry and florals have been rejuvenated. jungle prints are never far away and designers seem ready to awake our inner animal with zebra stripes and leopard prints with a couture vibe. collaborations with artists triumph as photos, collages, works of art and even cartoons are printed on clothes…nothing is too imaginative as designers go back to their childhood…even reigniting the must-have, the famous message t shirts, which have been hugely successful.the idea of a statement is echoed onto garments, like a deja vu ... symbols as angel wings and the third eye, supposed to protect us, appear in the wardrobe, not to mention the mandala at just cavalli or pictures of saints perfected at dolce & gabbana. interviews: thakoon panichgul: there’s a dandelion print as well, but the dandelion print we did on double faced wool in like a black and white coloured palette so it’s almost like a memory, like a photographic memory of what you saw in the summer time. guillaume henry: we thought of zebra-stripe because for me it’s the ultimate sexy print, but we didn’t make the dresses sexy, they were rather covering, rather we worked on the drawing style, it was rather like a beast. jeremy scott: you know i was really just thinking about west coast skaters and surfer culture and heavy metal magazines and a teenage boy’s bedroom with all these drawings that he’s making in third period when he’s bored in class and he’s just drawing instead of doing his homework and making the fantasy of a teenager boy’s zombie lady come alive. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012